Paintball Tips


Thoughts On Buying A Used Paintball Gun

There are obviously some benefits to buying used paintball guns the biggest one being the amount of money you save. Brand new paintball guns can get pretty expensive especially when you factor in all the gear you end up having to buy. This includes air, paintballs, a paintball mask and maybe a few other things like a barrel and such. Point being you may not have a chunk of change to drop on paintball and if that's the case you may want to consider buying a used paintball gun.

You have to be careful when buying used paintball guns though because there is a chance that you could get a lemon if you don't due your due diligence. I strongly recommend you buy a used paintball gun from a reputable manufacturer known for making paintball guns that are durable and that last a long time. The name Tippman comes to mind.

Tippman paintball guns are an excellent choice because they have a solid reputation for being durable and they require little maintenance. The latter is key when buying a used paintball gun because some paintball gun owners don't maintain their guns at all and after a while they just stop working as well or they just stop working period. This is usually not the case with a Tippman paintball gun.

Before you buy or consider buying a used paintball gun you should read up on some review by users at paintball forums and even on Amazon. is another place you can go to get reviews from users. Compare prices of other similar used paintball guns at places like and Know what kind of paintball gun you want to buy and how much you want to pay and then go out and find your paintball gun.

What To Wear When Playing Paintball

Paintball is definitely an tremendous sport but it is important that you wear the appropriate clothes to avoid getting injured.Playing paintball with the appropriate clothes will make the sport both more enjoyable and reduce the risk of injury. A lot of folks think that you have to wear gear and clothes specifically for paintball and that's just not true.

Occasionally you'll see many people playing paintball in shorts and t-shirts and that's just not a good idea. There will also be folks that get out of hand and look like they just came out of their local paintball clothes shop. While certain items can change the way you play paintball, the clothes you wear will have little to no impact unless you're the dolt that went out there in a t-shirt and shorts. What you wear in paintball doesn't make you any better but it could make you feel more comfortable and relaxed which could lead to a better performance.

When deciding what clothes to play paintball with choose clothes that are preferably thicker and make sure you pick clothes that will cover both your arms and your legs. Wear clothes that are darker because you probably don't want your clothes getting ruined when the paint splatters all over them. If wearing your own clothes, wear clothes that are preferably thick, wear clothes that cover your legs and arms and finally wear something that is loose enough to allow you to be flexible.

Whatever you do don't wear anything new or anything that you do not need to lose because not only do you risk getting paint all over it but your clothes could also get torn from rolling around on the ground. Your best bet is to wear clothes that are comfortable and that cover your arms and legs.

I get a lot of questions about camouflage and all I have to say is that paintball isn't real combat so camo may be overkill. Paintballs can bruise or welt your skin so wearing clothes that cover your arms and legs and that are a little thicker then just a t-shirt will help more then wearing camouflage. A really savvy paintballer will wear something to cover his neck or just apply sunscreen to protect the back of his neck from sun burn.

All this talk of clothes and such is minuscule because the most important piece of clothes you can wear is a good paintball mask. A paintball mask will protect your face, your ears and your eyes. Under no circumstances should you play paintball without a minimum of goggles but I strongly recommend you wear a paintball mask. The biggest chance you have for getting seriously injured on the paintball field is by not protecting your eyes.

By far the most important thing when choosing your clothing for paintball is to choose comfortable gear that protects your arms and legs. If your hands are sensitive you may also want to consider wearing some gloves to protect your hands. Paintball can be pretty physical particularly when you're crawling around and rolling on the ground to avoid getting shot by paintballs traveling at speeds of about 300 feet per second. Wear some clothes that will allow you to play paintball and not just look cool and you should be fine.

How Playing With Pump Paintball Guns Will Improve Your Game

Unfortunately when a large amount of beginners set out to choose their first paintballing gun they inevitably choose a semi-automatic or an automatic paintball gun. For whatever reason the pump paintball gun has acquired a negative stigma and isn't even considered in the decision making process. The though process is that if you're using a pump paintball gun that you'll be at a disadvantage on the paintball battle field against electric paintball guns. True enough playing with a pump paintball gun will put you at a disadvantage but it will also give you the chance to hone and improve your overall game as well.

When paintball it is usually the smartest players who take the best shots that reign supreme and using a pump paintball gun will. Obviously electric paintball guns shoot faster but are they more accurate? Not only are pump paintball gun users more accurate out of necessity but they tend to be more accurate also because paintballing guns themselves tend to be more accurate. Electric paintball guns have kick and this leads to errant shots and you don't have that kick with pump paintballing guns. When you combine these things to gether it usually leads to a paintballer who is pretty accurate on the paintballing field.

If you are having trouble with your accuracy you may want to think about practicing on the paintball field with a pump paintball gun. Practicing with a pump paintball gun will not only improve your game but it will also help you become a better strategist on the paintball field. Too many paintballers these days rely almost entirely on their paintball guns to take out their opposition and don't develop and real skills in the process. If you're looking for a surefire way to improve your paintball game try practicing with a pump paintball gun.

Gear You Need To Play Paintball

Paintball is the ultimate for folks looking to have a good time while playing war in a safe environment. To play paintball you'll need some essentials like good paintball guns and some paintballs which is the "ammo" in paintball. Other equipment is also needed if you don't want to have any accidents at the paintball playing field. No doubt about it, paintball is safe but it can also be hazardous if you're not careful out there. Sure a paintball won't hurt you if it pops you on the arms or legs but what if they hit you in the eye? Take the appropriate safeguard and wear goggles or a mask to protect your eyes. Wearing the right gear while playing paintball will almost assure that you won't get hurt and you'll still get to feel the adrenaline rush and excitement of the sport without the fear of getting badly hurt. Below is a list of essentials for the sport of paintball.

Paintball Mask. A lot of folks venture out to the paintball battleground without a mask but let me tell you getting hit in the face with a paintball is not fun and it can destroy your afternoon. Most injuries in paintball involve a player getting struck in the face and you can eradicate this concern by protecting your face and wearing a mask. No sport is fun when you come home with a welt the size of your thumb on your face.

Paintball Goggles. Goggles are absolutely essential in the sport of paintball. Getting hit in the eye with a paintball will result in a serious injury. Don't let it happen to you. Wear protective eye equipment regardless if the playing area requires you to wear it or not.Another concern for your eyes is paint splashing intop your eyes from popping paintballs. Although most of the paint used in paintball is safe it might still burn and sting your eyes so be safe. All you have to do is wear goggles and you're good to go.

Paintball gun. If you go out on the paintball field of battle without a paintball marker you're not really playing the game you're just a target. Paintball guns are a big component of paintball. A high quality paintball marker can make you a superior paintball player as they are faster and more accurate in most cases. Paintball guns come in all manner of shapes and varities and they all come with their different strengths and weaknesses. .

Paintballs. The ammunition in paintball are little round paintballs that are designed to break when they hit almost anything. Really the only thing you need to check on before picking up some paintballs is that you're getting the right size paintballs. The wrong size paintballs will not shoot out correctly and your aim will be horrible. .

Hopper. The hopper is the thing that you load your paintballs into. Hoppers come in diiferent shapes and size but the most important thing is that they be easy to get paintballs into. Hoppers are pretty interchangeable between most guns but some faster paintball guns will need an electric hopper.

Air. Paintball guns use air to fire paintballs when you pull on the trigger. When it comes to your air supply you have two choices. You can go with Carbon Dioxide (CO2) or you can use nitrogen.Nitrogen is what you want to use if you're looking for high performance but most beginners use C02 because it's cheaper and still very effective.

Equipment And Other gear.Maintenance is essential if you plan on buying a paintball gun and you'll at least need a squeegee and some oil to get started. Nothing gives you a bigger advantage on the paintball field then a high quality paintball gun in good operating condition. And depending on how crazy you plan on getting on the paintball field of battle you may want to consider buying some knee and elbow pads.If you know you're going to be on the ground then the smart thing to do is protect you knees and elbows. And finally it's a good idea to take a belt or pack to carry extra paintballs on the field of battle with you. You'll have a much better chance if you're not worrying about rationing paintballs in the middle of a battle.

Paintball is a ton of fun and it is absolutely thrilling and it is gives you a good idea of what combat is like without all the danger. Renting all of your paintball equipment is a good idea if you're new to paintball as it can save you a lot of cash. Checking ahead with your local paintball facility to assure that they have all the equipment you need is a good idea. Above all, make sure you wear the appropriate protective gear on the playing area if you want to assure yourself a good time.

How To Choose A Paintball Field

When choosing a paintballing playing area, there are a lot of various affairs to keep in consideration. It's a good idea to check ahead to make sure that the paintballing facility you plan on visitiung has everything you will require to have a good time. Checking out or looking into the following items is a good idea.


Obviously the first thing you want to look at is the facility itself. How many playing areas are there and are they inside or outside? Some paintball facilities will even have both an indoor and outdoor field. If you are traveling to the paintballing playing field this is an excellent benefit as your day won't be entirely ruined. It is also strongly recommended that you check out the playing fields and their terrains beforehand. Does the paintballing field have supply bins located throught the playing area? The size of the filed and the natural environment around the battlefield are both things to consider. A location with paintballing bunkers and other structures can make for exciting games with obvious strategic advantages. The game is just a lot more challenging when you have structures that you can take control of and use to your advantage. These types of fields are perfect for the most popular game in paintballing which is cature the flag. The more variety you have in your paintball battlefield of choice thre more fun the game becomes for everybody involved.


Something else to consider particularly if this is for novices is the amount and type of gear the paintballing facility provides. paintballing markers are a big part of what make painitball suck a fun and exciting sport so ensure the playing field you visit rents out some good quality gear. If the players are not paintballing gun experts they can consult with someone who is to make sure that the gear they are providing is of a decent make. Every paintballing playing field is various in what they offer so it's a good idea to check them out before your paintball date. Finally make sure to ask if they rent masks and goggles if you plan on wearing such equpment and don't plan on bringing any.


Last but certainly not much do they charge? If you plan on wearing other pieces of equipment ensure to check the pricing on that as well. Unfortunately a lot of paintballing faciities take advantage of the fact that you really need equipment like goggles to protect your eyes once you're there and charge a lot for them. Some places will only let you use their paintballs so make sure to read all the rules before you play. If you don't have any friends that paintballing you can check online for some reviews of your local paintball facilities.

Paintball is a great adventure and it doesn't have to be the least bit hazardous. Ensure a good time by following the tips above.

Paintballing Is Fun For The Whole Family

Paintball is a very fun and adrenaline filled sport. Paintball has an unmerited rep for being dangerous by many. Not known to many, most paintball fields are designed with families in mind. Paintball is just like any other hobby in that there are differnt levels of play and paintball also offers different games within the game. My favorite is "capture the flag". As a young kid my old man used to take me out hunting. These days, hunting animals is just not what I want to do anymore. Paintball gives me the same feeling of excitement and accomplishes what I am looking for in a weekend recreational activity.

Paintball can be fun for the whole family. A lot of folks don't realize how much fun paintball can actually be for their household. Most siblings will jump at the chance to attack their brother or sister with a round of paintballs. For all the brothers out there that think they're going to command their sisters and younger brothers be aware that a paintball marker is the great equalizer!

You'd be astonished how much fun you can have with your kids at the paintball park. Paintball itself is nothing to be fearful of. Most people fear paintball because they think it is going to hurt. On occasion you may get a bump or a bruise but if you entirely cover all of your skin and Put On goggles or a mask you should be fine.Paintball is no different then any other sport; You need to Put On the proper equpment and gear to play the game safely. If you're taking your kids out with you make sure they take the following gear for unsurpassed protection: a chest and back protector, a full coverage paintball goggle, paintball gloves, paintball jersey and paintball pants. All of these are designed to give you comfort and protection when playing.

Paintball comes with a wide variety of games that you can play to enjoy it. Tournament players and kids are big fans of a game called speedball. You can also select woods ball where you get to try your hand at flushing out the enemy in a camouflaged hiding spot. Capture the flag is by far the most popular paintball game on the planet but there's something for everybody on the paintball field. Having the right gear is of utmost importance in paintball and of critical importance is your paintball marker which could make or break you. Buying your equipment shoudl only be made after you've tested out at least a few different kinds of paintball markers. After you've played for a bit you'll have a much better idea of what you'll want in a paintball marker and you'll be in a better position to make a good decision.

The goal of this article was to convince you that there is little danger and much enjoyment in playing paintball! If spending some time with your family unit, making some memories and relieving some stress sounds like fun then paintballing may be for you. If you're still a bit apprehensive, it's best to talk with some freinds that have already been. The best way for a novice to get started is to rent some equipemnt out at the field and if possible try a few different paintball the right gear to reduce your amount of fear for the game and you'll be good to go. A lot of folks get hooked on paintball becasue it's alot of fun for you your fireinds and your family!

Introduction To Paintball For Beginners

Paintballing has grown so much in popularity that there are now paintball contests all over the world. It's surprising how many competitive teams there are out there that are registered to contend in paintball and you can even catch them on TV on occasion. ?

First of all your weapon isn’t actually called a paintball gun it’s called a paintball marker and it is your primary and most critical piece of equipment in paintballing. It's a good idea for folks that are new to paintball to just rent gear their first time out before making an investment in a paintball marker as they can be quite costly. Paintball markers are really complex pieces of gear and that's why it's such a great idea to rent a marker your first few times out so you can discover your likes and dislikes.

Your ammo in paintball are called paintballs a dnt hey're filled with paint and fashioned to break and break and soon as they make impact on pretty much any surface. It does hurt a little bit to get hit with paintballs and that's why it's intelligent to also wear some goggles or a mask to cover and protect your eyes.

Paintballing usually takes place outside and there are typically all forms of impediments and obstacles to provide cover for both teams. Most paintball fans prefer to see the playing area litetred with all kinds of stuff to make the game more interesting.

"Capture the flag" is the most well known and most played game in paintball today and the goal of the game is to capture your opponents flag while protecting yours. Paintball is great exercise and a great way for a family to get together and spend some time outside. Kids love paintball beasue it makes them feel like they're playing in a giant video game!